Our Team

We believe in hard work, honesty, communication, dedication, and fun! We work hard to get the job done and have good attitudes to go with it. Our fun work environment keeps morale high and makes our employees more pleasant and fun to work with.

Paul Schlender

Operations Manager

Paul started in 2003 and handles all of the outbound planning for our trucks and oversees the entire dispatch department.

Joe Garcia


Joe started in November 2020. He has 4 years of experience in the transportation industry. He handles and oversees all of the companies produce loads–everything from appointments, verification, problem solving, and assigning loads to drivers while determining efficient routes and transportation schedules.

Rob Vidlock


Since 2012, Rob has handled all of our appointments on non-produce loads. He also works with our shippers and receivers whenever there is any kind of issue.

Shemeka Gibbs


Shemeka joined Schulz in October 2021. She worked with another trucking company for 10 years so she’s not new to the transportation world, but is true to the transportation world. Born and breed from Bronx, New York, Shemeka is married with one adult son. She loves her family, is a woman of faith, and just living and loving this thing called life.

Sara Clanton


Sara joined the Schulz team in July 2021 with 5 years of experience in the trucking industry. She is married with two girls.

Tracey Mathews

Safety Assistant

Tracey started as a team driver with her husband, Daryl. When we had an opening in our safety department, Tracey moved into that role in 2012. She currently audits logs and works with drivers when they have logging issues.

Daryl Mathews

Safety Assistant

Daryl started as a team driver with his wife, Tracey in 2009. When we had an opening in our safety department, Daryl moved into that role. He currently audits logs and works with drivers when they have logging issues.

Kristie Bridges

Payroll and Billing Manager

Kristie has handled payroll and billing for Schulz Transportation since 1994. She knows the system and process inside and out and ensures our drivers are consistently paid accurately and our billing is completed accurately.

Michelle Drahota

HR Manager

Michelle previously served as our Safety Director for 7 years. She took over our accounts payable and receivable department in 2019 after a short time away from the company. She currently handles all of our AP, AR, benefits, retirement planning, and accounting.

Alan Schulz

President and Owner

As founder and owner of Schulz Transportation, Alan has done every job  except for IT work.

Tony Shoemaker

Safety Director

Tony joined Schulz Transportation in November of 2022. He has 6 years in the transportation industry including roles in Safety, Operations, and Driver Training. Tony oversees the Safety Department and also works as a Recruiter for Company Drivers.

Joe Schulz

Vice President

Joe has served a number of different roles for Schulz Transportation since he was old enough to work. He has worked as a mechanic, driver, dispatcher, truck washer, and manager. He currently handles truck purchasing and sales, financing, IT, and rating and contracts.

Beth Schulz

Secretary and Owner

As founder and owner of Schulz Transportation, Beth has managed AP, billing, payroll, benefits, accounting, and banking.